Open Results

This command applies to Detailed Comparisons only. (For Basic Comparisons no temporary files or report files are created. In this case only the Combined Result is available, which will be displayed automatically.)

The Open Results window is used for the following purposes:

  1. After two files have been compared, this window informs the user about the number of files generated, and asks what to display.
  2. This window can also be accessed directly from the menu to open additional drawings based on the current comparison.
  3. Finally it can be used to open results from a previously run comparison, but only if those results are still available. If the files are no longer available or if you have changed the original files then you should use the New command to recompare the drawings.

CompareDWG open results dialog

The following options can be selected in the Open Results window: (If an option is not accessible then the temporary files for this option are missing or no differe